About Us

Who is the Honest Broker?

My name is Diane Bukowski and I’m the co-founder of the online company eezirent which aids the private property rental sector.

I have been a high school teacher for a large part of my working life, so the power of knowledge is something that I value. I see Honest Broker as a platform where I can provide property knowledge that empowers private landlords.

I left teaching to establish a real estate agency in regional south east Queensland that was part of one of Australia’s leading franchise groups. My experience both as a landlord and running a large rent roll gave me an in depth knowledge of all facets of the rental industry (especially the pitfalls landlords can face and how they can be avoided).

Why a blog?

Since establishing eezirent I’ve noticed that despite the large number of property commentators and publications few, if any, were writing about property from the perspective of a private landlord. In fact, most material actively discourages people from managing their own investments.

To fill this gap I began a small online newsletter for eezirent customers. It explored the common problems landlords encounter when self-managing. This simple publication has now grown into Honest Broker.  You’ll find regular pieces on property management topics, market issues, and advice on selecting and improving your investment.

How does this help landlords?

Armed with the right knowledge and the right tools self-management can be a rewarding and cost saving experience.  I hope Honest Broker helps private landlords feel confident in taking on the challenge of DIY property management.